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Outlook Traveller Kerala With Lakshadweep

Nhà phát hành: Momo
Mã SP: SP005368

Outlook traveller getaways discovers amazing Kerala beaches backwaters hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries the big cities and places of pilgrimage and the pristine white sand and coral fringed beaches of Lakshadweep.

Everything you need to Kochi, for an exhilarating holiday what to see and do. Where to stay eat shop where to find the perfect houseboat stay. Ayurvedic treatment or backwater cruise is provided in each destination.

The Malabar, Kochi, Western Ghats, Kuttanad and Travancore sections are signposted with route guided highlighting tourist attraction in all the districts of Kerala and tourist guides on the three big cities of thruvananthapuram Kozhikode and Kochi. There’s also a tourist guide on the Lakshadweep archipelago.

An extensive experience section dwells on the cultural heritage of Kerala from its traditional dance and martial art forms to its unique architectural traditions and its own healing system Ayurveda the special section has essays that offer insights into the people of Kerala on the Malayali love of humor and toddy on Yesudas, PT Usha, Abu Abraham and more.

A comprehensive back if the book section has 54 pages of accommodation listings 16 pages of travel agents listings important numbers for transport planning and contact information of tourist offices across Kerala.

Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: 0906735473
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