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How To Be A Millionaire By Next Wednesday

Nhà phát hành: Momo
Mã SP: SP005412

How to be a Millionaire by Next Wednesday explores with wit , irony and insight the difficulties of being male in an inconsistent and unpredictable society.

Harry Houghton is hoist on the twin petards of social and political forces beyond his control and a business on the edge of disaster . Caught in a mish - mash of intrigue and counter - intrigue , he is drawn into close proximity with Angie , whose decisiveness and enthusiasm for life are in stark contrast to his own uncertainties .

How to be a Millionaire by Next Wednesday describes the beginnings of a relationship and perhaps something more . It's an exploration of the dilemmas and anxieties of ordinary people and an incisive commentary on contemporary society and politics .

Alistair Paterson , winner of the 1993 Katherine Mansfield Award for fiction ( The Jade Garden) , Auckland University's 1982 John Cowie Reid Memorial Award for poetry and a former Fulbright Fellow , is a poet , editor and critic . He has written seven books of poetry and published numerous reviews and educational articles . He has also edited literary journals , prose and poetry anthologies and a book on education . He has worked in education , the police and the navy , and is active in politics and yachting.

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